Conley's Standard Rolling Bench

Conley's Rolling Benches are engineered and manufactured with a grower's needs in mind. Starting with space and crop optimization. Rolling bench systems offer 25-30% more room for plants. All bench materials are supplied pre-punched for easy installation. Other outstanding features of the Conley's Rolling Bnech System:

  • Heavy Gauge legs supplied with a galvanized finish
  • Tapered roll bars that require less effort to move the benches
  • Rollformed components to maximize structural integrity
  • Anti-tip brackets allow movement of cantilevered benches without redistributing weight
  • Available in multiple widths
  • Options include: hot dipped galvanized and coated/non-coated wire mesh or polyethylene bench tops, Ebb & Flow irrigation, Bottom heat systems and hand cranks.


Rolling Benches for 21' Wide Greenhouse

Rolling Benches for 24' Wide Greenhouse

Rolling Benches for 30' Wide Greenhouse

Rolling Benches for 41'-6" Wide Greenhouse