Conley's History (Commercial Greenhouse Structures)

Conley’s Manufacturing started in 1946 as a small welding shop in founder John Conley’s garage and has evolved into a world-recognized supplier of quality greenhouse structures and related equipment, specializing in innovative design and customization.

Fulfilling customer needs regardless of the level of difficulty in design has long been a tradition at Conley’s. We remain nimble in our approach to produce items specifically for each customer’s unique challenges. It’s a common practice to go from concept to working model for a customer in just days. This process allows for rapid adaptability of a design to provide customers with a tailor-made product to help grow their business. 

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Founded in 1946. Conley’s first greenhouse structures consisted of pre-welded angle iron trusses, operated out of founder John Conley’s garage.


Conley’s began incorporating square tubing into its welded truss assemblies and its growth continued in steady measure.


As demand for their structures spread nationwide, Conley’s began experimenting with “hat sections” fabricated with standard pressbrake equipment for added strength, built-in amenities and reduced shipping costs.


Conley’s designed and engineered state-of-the-art USDA approved pressurized vestibules to follow strict ACP (Asian Psyllid Protection) quarantine protocol for some of Florida and California’s largest Citrus Growers.


Conley’s introduces Solar Energy installations to offer growers alternatives in managing energy costs.


Conley’s operates on 8 acres of land in Montclair, CA and requires 8 ROLL-FORM Mills and 11 ROLL-FORM Sections to keep up with today’s manufacturing demands.

The knowledge that the philosophies and values we’ve built our business on over these many years to provide only the highest quality and most innovative products, continue to drive our company.–Tom Conley, President
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