Conley's Greenhouse Advantage

Roll Form Technology

Conley’s roll formed components offers advantages including: Superior Strength: By forming pre-galvanized steel into “HAT” sections, Conley’s is able to incorporate the same strength enhancing principles applied to industrial “I” Beams. Pound for pound our beams out perform traditional 2” square green house beams. Extended Product Life: Our Roll-Form mills incorporate a COLD FORM process engineered to preserve the integrity of the metal’s galvanizing finish.


Conley’s continuous coil process allows you to access sections of steel as long as necessary to fit your unique needs. Incorporating continuous coils of pre-galvanized metal, ROLL-FORM mills incur virtually no material waste and can generate sections of steel as long as necessary. This means that Conley’s can form wider houses out of a single piece of steel versus some manufacturers who are forced to “splice” their trusses together.

Anti-Condensate Control Features

Frequent condensation buildup inside a greenhouse is a normal occurence, but not exactly welcome. ROLL-FORM mills allow Conley’s the ability to create channels within the 6500 and 7500 series hat sections which allow for the interception and removal of condensate naturally generated within the greenhouse.

Cantilevered Gutter Design

Conley’s large, easy-to-walk-in roll-formed gutters are lapped and cantilevered to increase the strength and efficiency in the structural frame of the greenhouse. We applied a cantilever to this design so that the upper part (gutter) is in tension and the lower part (column/post) in compression. This application also avoids the need for external bracing. Additionally, the gutters are lapped and bolted together to avoid leaks.


Conley’s Manufacturing not only specializes in customization, but also is as equally passionate about it. With over 70 years of experience, our design and production team is exceptionally equipped with the knowledge and resources for successful greenhouse customization; both in structures and accessories. Our time and dedication spent in research, designing, fabricating, building, meeting with the customer, etc. allows us to tailor our products specifically for each customer’s unique challenges.