Gable 7500 10' Sidewalls

Truss Spacing

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Discover the pinnacle of greenhouse innovation with our Gable 7500, a top-tier, gutter-connected structure designed for versatility and resilience. Fully customizable to meet any need. The Gable 7500 offers an unparalleled growing environment, fostering optimal conditions for a wide array of crops. Ideal for high-volume commercial growers, educational institutions, and research facilities aiming for the cutting edge in agriculture. Invest in the future with a greenhouse engineered for durability, flexibility, and peak performance.

Package Includes:

Heav Duty 4"tall OD round columns on 12'C/C - columns set for concrete filled piers, Up-right supports plus horizontal girts supplied at each endwall, horizontal girts supplied at both sidewalls, SUPERIOR STRENGTH 4" roll-formed upper chord assemblies on 12' centers. 3" roll-formed (flush mounted) purlins with condensate control channels, Galv. Steel G-210 gutter complete with (1) gutter outlet each, aluminum corner trim, aluminum ridge bar, and aluminum gutter trim, aluminum gable end bar flashing at each endwall. Brackets & fasteners as required to assemble frame. Clear Corrugated Polycarbonate Covering for the roof, sidewalls, & endwalls w/ fasteners, (1) 3'W x 6'-8"T Single Swing Door and (1) 6'W x 8'T Single Sliding Door

Available Sizes Upon Request: CLICK HERE

Available Add-ons:

  • 8mm Twin wall Polycarbonate
  • Fan & Pad System
  • HAF Fans
  • Heaters
  • Benches
  • Shade
  • Roll-up Sides



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