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Conley’s Under Bench Heating Integration

articleHeated tubes integrated directly into Conley's newly developed cross member system.articleHot water supply system installed above at one end of the bench.

[November 11, 2014] — Conley’s Manufacturing & Sales has teamed up with TrueLeaf Technologies to introduce an innovative bench top heating system. The system, named U.B.H.I. (Under Bench Heating Integration) provides direct heating to plant materials using a recently developed tubing material that is integrated directly into the bench frame using Conley’s new specialized cross member system. The system provides remarkably even temperatures throughout the growing surface using hot water from a new style of boiler that can perform at up to 99% efficiency. Because of the innovative integration and use of new materials, the systems can be delivered at substantially lower costs than traditional bench-level heating systems. Additionally, this system requires shorter installation times and leaves the customer with a much cleaner growing surface.

More Growing SpaceThe under-bench heat integration was designed with efficiencies in mind from top to bottom. Conley’s simple yet effective rolling design allows approximately up to 30% more growing space by eliminating or reducing an aisle that is not immediately needed. Even with a sizable load of 17,000 pounds, a single person, with minimal effort, can easily roll the benches. The new bench system has the option of both single or double leg designs and is also available in a stationary style bench.

Best of Both Worlds

With a Conley’s/TrueLeaf engineered collaboration, the customer is receiving the very best in system design and product to support their entire greenhouse operation.

System is available in single or double leg bench designs.

Learn more about TrueLeaf Technologies here