Life of the Greenhouse Guru

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Remembering founder John L. Conley

articleJohn at age 27, one year after establishing Conley's Manufacturing.articleJohn with Arnold Mueller Sr. of Mueller Greenhouses in 1991.articleJohn helping with the columns of a Conley's Metal Storage building in 1984.

[November 11, 2014] — It's been a full year that family, friends and customers have been remembering the life and legacy of Conley's Manufacturing founder, innovator and "greenhouse guru", John L. Conley. The values and business ethics that John instilled into the company from day one back in 1946 continue to drive the company today.

What started as a small welding shop operated out of his garage in 1946 in Chino, California to build agriculture supplies for local farmers has grown into a 6-acre multi-facility manufacturing plant that produces world-recognized high quality greenhouse structure materials.

John’s ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit led to a life full of accomplishments: countless awards, numerous patented inventions, 5 successful businesses operated at the same time, active city councilman, rotary member, involvement in church, high school teacher, and much more. His pride, dedication and passion to the business he built from scratch inspired John to work full-time until the age of 88 and would have happily continued to do so for another 4 years if it had been up to him.

The company after 68 years is still family owned and operated, just as John started it. He was incredibly well respected by all of his employees and treated them all as if they were his own family. Mr. Conley centered his business ethics and morals based on the customer’s needs and in all of his years, managed to never lose sight of his commitment to make the customer happy. Conley’s many years of success and steady growth are owed to the principles that John built the company on. He paved the way for Conley’s future and it would not be what it is today without him.

John Conley’s legacy will continue to live on and be celebrated his by family, friends and employees.