Standing the Test of Time

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25 Year-Old Conley's Greenhouse in Great Condition

articleBeautiful annuals getting ready to ship off to Florida-based Home Depot Garden Centers.articleEndwall view of Conley's Free Air Series 4000 attached to a custom Grower Structures transport system.

[November 11, 2014] — Riverview Flower Farm - Riverview, FL. Earlier in the year, we had the opportunity to visit a nursery in Seffner, Florida where a large range of the Conley's Series 4000 (Sawtooth Profile) was built back in 1990. We were pleased to see that the greenhouses are still in great shape and providing a thriving growing environment for hundreds of different types of plants.

Recognized Business PracticesRiverview Flower Farm AKA Riverview Flower Farm’s Florida Friendly Plants is a family owned and operated company that started back in 1982. Techniques such as biological pest prevention and drip irrigation earned Riverview Flower Farm the Commissioner of Agriculture’s recognition with the Environmental Leadership Award in 2006. Today, the increasingly successful operation stretches out over 127 acres at three locations. The RFFFFP brand is marketed at Home Depots throughout most of Florida and also has a website dedicated to help gardeners of Florida be successful with plant selection, use, design and season that includes just about every flowering perennial and native wildflower imaginable. Emphasis is placed on the environmental benefits of using environmentally friendly approaches to Florida gardening.

Successful Indoor Growing Space

To successfully identify plants, conduct thousands of trials and protect the plants in their early delicate stage, indoor growing space is absolutely necessary. On one particular property, Riverview Flower Farm has acres upon acres of greenhouse growing space, much of which are Conley’s Free Air Series 4000 buildings. These greenhouses were designed in a sawtooth profile with natural ventilation built directly into the frame and are also adaptable to an overhead retractable shade system. This greenhouse design has helped RRF take advantage of the natural outdoor elements, such as rain and ventilation when necessary and has effectively produced their plants for more than 25 years. The greenhouse is still in great working condition and looks fantastic. And in Florida’s high humidity and heavy rainfall environment, that is quite an accomplishment.