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New Poinsettia Greenhouse Doubles as Retail Space

articleAerial view as Conley's construction crew builds the framing of the first 7 out of 24 bays.articleEastside view during construction of where retail customers will later enter.

[November 11, 2014] — With the help of Conley's Manufacturing, Duarte Nursery, located in Hughson, CA (Modesto) has been in construction mode for about 3 years now. The permanent crops nursery has reached approximately 25 acres in new growing space with the addition of multiple greenhouses and outdoor benching systems.

Decades of GrowthDuarte Nursery was founded in 1988 by Jim and Anita Duarte and brought change to the viticulture industry with the introduction of containerized, grafted grapevines enabling farmers the option of planting grapes year-round. Over the past couple of decades, the popularity of year-round planting has taken Duarte Nursery into a variety of agriculture nursery products. The company has continued its growth-through innovation by making tissue culture tree rootstocks commercially available. The company’s long list of trees and vines that they grow include: almonds, avocados, cherry, citrus, grapevines, pistachios, walnuts, blackberry, blueberry, grape, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry and poinsettias.

Time to Expand

Duarte Poinsettias have been a big deal in the Central Valley of California for many years. They are grown on site, now in the nursery’s state-of-the-art new modern greenhouses. Duarte Nursery currently grows over 60,000 Poinsettias, with over 30 varieties and colors. DNI calls it the sea of Poinsettias. Duarte Nursery invites customers into the 6-acre greenhouse range during the months of November and December every year to select their own Poinsettia directly from the greenhouse where they are grown. DNI also has Poinsettia triples, decorative bowls, pots, and vases with Poinsettias. After constructing nearly 20 acres of growing space in the last few years, Duarte Nursery hired Conley’s once again to take on the new project to replace their old wooden poinsettia greenhouses. The result is a large, beautiful new greenhouse for the poinsettias, complete with plenty of amenities for a highly successful growing space including 4 acres of a customized benching system as well as several structural customizations to accommodate the retail side of the operation.