Arch Series 6500


The trusses, purlins and gutters in the Arch Series all feature Superior strength ROLL-FORM steel for unmatched structural integrity. ROLL-FORM sections direct more strength to the longer axis of the metal. Conley's use of COLD FORMING procedures protect the metal's galvanizing features.

Anti-Condensate Control

Conley's Arch Series include Anti-Condensate control features built directly into the frame. ROLL-FORM mills allow Conley's the ability to form channels into ROLL-FORMED sections to intercept and remove condensate that is naturally generated within the greenhouse. This feature is essential in helping promote a longer life in the structure and covering.


Conley’s continuous coil process allows you to access sections of steel as long as necessary to fit your unique needs. Incorporating continuous coils of pre-galvanized metal, ROLL-FORM mills incur virtually no material waste and can generate sections of steel as long as necessary. This means that Conley’s can form wider houses out of a single piece of steel versus some manufacturers who are forced to “splice” their trusses together.

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Some key characteristics featured in the Arch Series are listed below

Type of Roof
Engineered Widths
Column Spacing
Gutter Heights
Arch 6500Gothic Arch18', 21', 24', 30', 35'-6", 41'-6"10', 12'8', 10', 12', 14'