Superstar Series


The trusses, purlins and gutters in the Superstar Series all feature Superior strength ROLL-FORM steel for unmatched structural integrity. ROLL-FORM sections direct more strength to the longer axis of the metal. Conley's use of COLD FORMING procedures protect the metal's galvanizing features.

Cantilivered Gutter

The Superstar Series feature Conley’s large, easy-to-walk-in roll-formed gutters that are lapped and cantilevered to increase the strength and efficiency in the structural frame of the greenhouse. We applied a cantilever to this design so that the upper part (gutter) is in tension and the lower part (column/post) in compression. This application also avoids the need for external bracing. Additionally, the gutters are lapped and bolted together to avoid leaks.


Components of the Superstar Series structures are shipped to the customer pre-punched and cut to length, simplifying the installation process. Given the shapes of the ROLL-FORMED components, they are naturally able to be nested one into the other during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.

Structure Questions?
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    Some key characteristics featured in the Superstar Series are compared below

Type of Roof
Engineered Widths
Column Spacing
Gutter Heights
Superstar 3000Arch18', 21', 24'12'8', 10', 12', 14'
Superstar 3500Arch21', 24', 30'12'8', 10', 12', 14'
Superstar 3600Gothic Arch24', 30'12'8', 10', 12', 14'