Shade Structure Series


Structural members in the Shade Series feature Superior strength ROLL-FORM steel for unmatched structural integrity. ROLL-FORM sections direct more strength to the longer axis of the metal. Conley's use of COLD FORMING procedures protect the metal's galvanizing features.


Conley’s continuous coil process allows you to access sections of steel as long as necessary to fit your unique needs. Incorporating continuous coils of pre-galvanized metal, ROLL-FORM mills incur virtually no material waste and can generate sections of steel as long as necessary. This means that Conley’s can form wider houses out of a single piece of steel versus some manufacturers who are forced to “splice” their trusses together.


Components of the Shade Series structures are shipped to the customer pre-punched and cut to length, simplifying the installation process. Given the shapes of the ROLL-FORMED components, they are naturally able to be nested one into the other during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.

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    Some key characteristics featured in the Shade Series are compared below

Type of Roof
Building Widths
Column Spacing
Column Heights
Rigid ShadeFlat12', Unlimited in 12' Increments15'8', 10', 12'
Cable ShadeFlat20', Unlimited in 20' Increments20'8', 10', 12', 14', 16'